“Do not underestimate this man” -Vice

“Not a jerk” -The Guardian

“Trying to solve a problem” -New York Times


Coming from a previous life where he was the captain of a pirate ship, Robert Cornelius Rhinehart, Jr was born in a log cabin in 1821 in rural Indiana. His father a struggling coal prospector and his mother a spiritual medium, he is the youngest of 9 children and the only male.

From an early age Rhinehart showed a proclivity for science. He crossbred plants in the family vegetable garden, producing a strain of potato that was not only larger, but carried an immunity to earthworms and tasted like whiskey.

At the age of 9 he started his first business writing and selling gambling machine software to Russian oligarchs. It was then he discovered his passion for programming and international travel. He also learned the value of cash money.

Rhinehart served as mayor of Springfield, Indiana from the age of 12-15 during which time he led the local militia in a successful campaign against a nearby tribe of savage organized bears and cut taxes nearly in half.

He received no formal schooling but spent vast quantities of time at the local library and tutored his sisters in the arts and sciences, 3 of which went on to graduate from ivy league universities.

Now 24, Rhinehart controls 19 business across 4 continents in the food, biotech, retail, semiconductor, real estate, telecommunications, hospitality, and animal husbandry sectors through his holding company Asimov Industries, Inc with combined revenues over $500bn USD as well as substantial SoyCoin revenues, a cryptocurrency he invented. He has published 7 fiction and non-fiction books, sold 3 screenplays and his musical “Aliens!” has been running on Broadway for 8 years.

Rob resides in a shipping container complex on a mountaintop in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Gavin, their 16 beautiful children, 18 pigs and monkey, Theodore, as well as a radio tower, tower crane, and Chinook helicopter.

—–Actual Bio—–

Rob Rhinehart was born in Atlanta, GA in 1982. He studied electrical engineering and computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

It was there he learned he was the product of a classified cold war genetic engineering experiment meant to produce an advanced race of “super capitalists”.

Foreseeing environmental and economic catastrophe, he invented Soylent in 1999, a complete food source for the post apocalypse and is currently working on a way to produce it without using money or dirt.

For questions about Soylent email info@soylent.com
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Reach me directly at robrhinehart@ieee.org

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