• Rebecca Kinraide

    This sounds like it could be excellent for people on an enforced liquid diet especially. My mother has stage four colon cancer and throws up if she eats food. She even has trouble keeping down Boost and Ensure. I wonder if Soylent could give her the nutrition she needs without the complications. 

  • I want to get fit and lose some weight.Can you plese tell me how do you make soylent.

  • Enza Nani

    Hello, I am excited about the invention of this meal replacement, I would like to propose as a guinea pig to try it .. Enza from Milan

  • mariana saez

    podrian por favor y mandarme a mi mail la formula en castellano ,soy de argentina y me cuesta mucho entender la traduccion , estoy muy interesada en elaborar el producto ya que padezco un trastorno alimenticio , ojalà alguien pueda ayudarme ….agradecida por este blog