• I wanna ask how to make this "'Soylent" ?

  • Anna

    Hey. Your experiment is super interesting. Can I have the recipe of your mix please. I would live to try it for a while. Thank you VERY MUCH !!

    • Anna

      *like 🙂

    • Jo

      Where can I buy this drdrink thanks 

  • At this time I am ready to do my breakfast, when having my breakfast coming over again to
    read more news.

  • Mo

    What are the ingredients???


    How is your digestive/bowel situation? I suffer every day with IBS issues and feel food is my enemy and sometimes my best friend. It’s such as gamble… Sometimes if I don’t eat, I feel like I have a “nervy” “panicy” feeling in my upper digestive track that makes me feel so bloated and stressed out. I often feel like I never “clean out” completely. It sucks so much. Energy wise, I can feel SO weak if I eat (like my body is putting all my energy into digesting the food). And if I don’t eat, sometimes I can feel so energetic, but can also suffer the panic attach like feelings mentioned above (this sucks even more than no energy level). I always feel like I’m constipated. I eat on average approx.. 300 calories/day, not necessarily for weight loss/control, but NEVER know if I will have the energy to preform my daily exercise which was quite vigerous-45 minutes on rotating stairs at gym/weights…but lately I have only the energy for 65 minute speed walk ( I always feel severe pressure right on my diaphragm which can make it impossible to deep breath to provide oxygen to my limbs to perform physical activity). My IBM doctor throws anti-anxiety medication at me (ie., Librium) because he thinks I’m apparently some sort of freak who can’t “deal” with life or something…


    Sorry to vent…but need more information on this subject, please….Thanks.

    • Jordan

      Have you been tested for Celiac? It could cause a LOT of your symptoms, and is almost always misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. I stopped eating gluten, and I feel ten times better!!!! Just speaking from personal experience.

  • Is this drink for sale and where. Can I buy it.

    Thank you

    Jo stone


  • Jaquan Williams

    How do u make this??